1. ONLY Medical Students are eligible for the competition i.e. applicants must be enrolled in a medical undergraduate program during the competition (5-13 December 2020). [Last year students who will be finishing their last day of program before the competition but not officially graduated are allowed] Pre-clinical or clinical medical years are allowed, but clinical years is preferred.

  2. Each medical school can send up only 2 representative teams, each team consists of 3 medical students.

          * Please note that participants who attended previous KKU ICEM can re-attend.
          ** The substitution of candidates after registration is not permitted without necessity.


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  • General requirement
    • Proof of student OR copy of student ID card is required.
    • Individual pictures of the participants.
  • Academic activity
    • Device: Computer/Laptop with available front camera or webcam, microphone and speakers (We suggest charging your device during activities)
    • Program : Zoom, KKU ICEM website
    • Place: Closed, can-not-disturb room     
  • Cultural exchange activity

    Though we cannot meet in person, we can still explore international cultures through different perspectives. 
    • Share your cultural presentation and earn participation scores!
    • At least 1 presentation / team
    • Teammates are allowed to use the same presentation.
    • Each team member will be assigned into a different group to present your submitted cultural presentation.
    • Time : 4-6 minutes for cultural topic(s) presentation
    • Turn in your representative video or slide presentation e.g. Microsoft powerpoint for Cultural exchange section about any topic(s) below.
      • Food
      • National costumes
      • Tradition
      • Greeting
      • Tourist atrractions
      • National holiday

                      * more than one topic can be chosen.

                      * Upload to  >>> LINK <<<  then choose send to  [email protected] 
                          Please upload before 2nd December 2020.

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Registration Fee 


  • Normal registration fee: 100 USD/3,000 THB per TEAM

          * The exact price is based on Thai Baht.
          ** The payment must be completed before the last day of payment period. Your registration will be confirmed when you upload your payment slip.                                                                                                                                              

  • Registration fee includes the following:
    • All academic and non-academic activities
    • Online emergency medicine topic access in KKU ICEM website
    • 2 e-books
      • Practical Emergency Ultrasound flashcards with AR
      • A beginner’s Plearn (play+learn) with EKG
    • Shipping fee of prizes


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How to register

       * Please read the information below carefully for your own benefits.

  1. Access KKU ICEM Website (registration part will be available at 3rd October 2020 20:00 (GMT+7) )
  2. Create a new account (If you haven’t had any account yet). One team required only one account.
  3. Login and fill your information in the “Profile” page and “Team” page. Please make sure that you and your team complete the precise information. (In the profile page you could fill the name of anyone in your team)
  4. Your team can edit the information by click  button and click  button when finished editing.
  5. Go to the “Confirming registration” page, please confirm that you have all prerequisites for the competition and you will have to choose the number of the devices you are going to use for SAQ round (For SAQ competition round ,If your team is inconvenient to be together and use 1 device as social distancing protocol, we can provide you a private meeting room in Zoom application which you can communicate and share your competition screen with the team)
  6. Click  button to finish the registration. After clicking the  button, your information cannot be changed.
  7. Please wait for confirmation email from our staff. If your team is eligible, we will send the payment details via email.
  8. Please note that only the first 30 teams that have confirmed registration can participate in the competition.

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Registration Timeline


  • Normal registration: 3rd October 2020 20:00 (GMT+7) - 8th November 2020 23.59 (GMT+7)
  • Payment date: 10th October 2020 20:00 (GMT+7) - 15th November 2020 23.59 (GMT+7)
  • Team announcement: 22nd November 2020
  • KKU ICEM 2020 starts: 5th December 2020 - 13th December 2020 


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