Theme: Common Problems in Emergency


Competition Rules


The competition involves knowledge in basic sciences, clinical knowledge, and clinical skills. The competition will be divided into several rounds as follows:


MCQ round

     MCQ or Multiple-choice-question round consists of 90 online multiple-choice questions. Participants will take the exam individually and choose only one best answer to each question. The exam takes 60 minutes to complete. Your team score is the average of the team members’ scores


Shout out round

     “Shout out” round is based on a famous game show, Family Feud, in which 2 opposing teams take turns to answer as many questions as they can before the time runs out. In KKU ICEM 2020, Shout Out is an online team-based examination that aims to create relationships between participants from different university as you gain fundamental knowledge about common situations in Emergency Room. Time is very important in this round and so is the accuracy of answers. Incorrect answers will give your opponent a chance to steal. Each answer contains 1-3 words and is scored differently. The questions are scenarios based on our expert’s experience and referable textbooks. Let us see how loud you can shout out!!


SAQ round

    SAQ or short answer questions is an online, team-based round in the ICEM exam. The goal of this round is to simulate real life emergency events and challenge your team’s skills of clinical discussion, decision making and cooperation. There will be 3 cases, each with 2 continuous scenarios which must be done consecutively. “Hints” can be selected in each round to provide more information such as CXR, ECG or CT scan, but the more hints you used, the less points remains.